Thaïs Martin

Thaïs Martin has a name made of first names, several nicknames and even another name, that of his clown, Bouli. Often, Thaïs thinks "I'm done with creative work", but then the stage calls: it's doing humour with her body that makes his life tick. Thaïs is looking for pleasure, letting go, having a good time. Thaïs organises parties, to dance and make hearts beat faster. When the party comes to an end, when doubt arises, Thaïs questions her own legitimacy. Thaïs writes I AM FUCKING CAPABLE on his bedroom wall. Thaïs is looking for the essential, trying to be in tune with her thoughts, well aligned, like in the satisfying videos that help you fall asleep.
I wonder if it's Bouli's presence, perhaps, or the paradoxes of the trapeze that make Thaïs seem so light and so grounded at the same time. With his deep voice, Thaïs could sound serious, but seems, on the contrary, always on the verge of laughter.

Thaïs Martin is a trapeze artist and clown. Born close to a circus school in Geneva, he specialised in fixed trapeze, then went on to join the professional training programme at the Lyon Circus School. At the same time, she learnt clowning with Alexandre Bordier, Eric Blouet and Sky de Sela, and discovered aerial suspension while working with the June Cie. Thaïs has worked with Cie Le Bestiaire à Pampilles, Sale Bête Prod, Cirque des Petites Natures and La Grue, as well as with Super Collectif, which he co-founded in 2021. He also draws when his hands aren't busy hanging, and is a certified hypnotherapist. After several years working for other companies, she is currently starting research for a solo that will combine trapeze, clown and floor movement.