Nelson Schaub

In the morning, Nelson wakes up in a salt shaker, dresses in an alpine meadow, has lunch in a puddle. Then he floats over the cobblestones, avoiding the sounds of construction sites. He looks at the shop windows, buys curtains for his windows, puts his headphones back on and heads for the park. He stretches and yawns like a slow song, falls asleep in a purple haze.
Then Nelson builds woolen castles, meets aimless heroes, flies through the universe, rolls around and licks the colour grey. Later he dances with Harry, makes sounds with Elliot, goes on a boat trip with Patroclus. At night, he gets lost in fractals, questions the porosity of membranes.
In short, Nelson wants to float with the clouds, glide towards the dark stars, become a colour, love in a glass bottle, create dreams in clay.

Nelson Schaub holds a master’s degree in visual arts in the Work.Master programme at HEAD. He develops research around mainstream cultural products, pop-culture and fan-fiction through practices as diverse as performance, digital drawing, clothing design and music (under the name Être Peintre). His work touches on queerness, loneliness and escapism through the creation of dreamlike narratives populated by multiple characters, exploring the power of fiction as an escape from a violent world.