Lorena Stadelmann

*blood, air, bile – from the magma, from the volcanoes, to the bottom of the hidden treasures in the garden

skin, flesh, bone – one body in fusion, swimming in the depths of the underwater abyss
DNA – all is blurred, all is there, walking tree, broad shoulders and descending maya

feet and hands – and hers and yours, at her pace, walk and dance with you
soul and voice – “kiss me”, “speak up”, “when you sleep, do you want me to hold you”

Lorena – from epigenetics to the chaos of the present, is whole.

In the midst of the storm, Lorena is a calm fire. On stage, her dance is fire, her words wake up your gut. With nuances of gentleness and intensity, she takes you to find your body and dig your earth, until you gloat over life and scream your guts out.*

Lorena Stadelmann is a dancer and performer. She trained in contemporary dance, performance, theatre and film in Buenos Aires. She is also developing a musical project under the name of Baby Volcano. Her first EP, Sindrome Premenstrual, an embodied and bewitching trap influenced by her Guatemalan origins, has just been released on the Rapace label. She wants to perform concerts, to mix the live show with the codes of the show. She likes to talk about her feelings and what she has in her gut. Jardin Jerrican, her next play, is co-produced by the Théâtre du Jura and will be created in March 22.